As a creative director, I've been able to guide some seriously cool brands.
Spam has been gracing dinner tables for a century, and I was able to help bring it into its next century. This campaign is from my first year on the account. Simple, elegant and award-winning.

S003 copy.jpg

Then we did some outdoor for the Spam museum. Yes, it does exist. And it's awesome.


Our next campaign was full surround and focused on getting people to use Spam in more recipes. This was a very successful strategy. Not only was the integrated campaign highly creative, it went on to became a finalist for the Effie Awards. Nice.

Here are the print ads.

Some out-of-home executions.


We conceived and designed a new website featuring all the tasty things you can make with Spam.

Lastly, we made a game so people could whip up their very own tasty virtual treats. 

The fine folks at Ham in the Fridge brought the game to life beautifully.