Jennie-O’s Oven Ready Turkey is the easiest to make – no thawing or cleaning required. But it needed to make a big splash to get noticed. We created an integrated campaign that did the trick. Sales increased 92% from the previous year, and the campaign won an Effie Award.

The videos blew up on YouTube and went viral. In fact, they got picked up by ABC’s Good Morning America and CNN’s American Morning, Showbiz Tonight, and The Situation Room. Nuff said.

We created a website to let people chose content based on turkey trauma or triumph stories.

People could share stories (good or bad) to win prizes. More than 25,000 stories were submitted.

In-browser game! People could experience how fun it was to free themselves of their basters.

We used a breakthrough tactic by having special “buzz” agents spread the word through social media. Other tactics included PR, product placement on The Biggest Loser, sampling, coupons and in-store signage.

Jennie-O wanted to encourage people to be healthier by making small changes to their diet, like eating more Jennie-O Fresh Turkey products. 

These ads were part of an integrated effort that included health club posters and online recipes.